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Students’ Societies


Establishment of Salah Society - Enjoining Good

To make 100% of the students of the Faculty of Shariah perform prayers with the first takbeer in the mosque:

  • Ensure that all students reach the mosque 5 minutes before prayer, also waking up students for Fajr and Asr prayers, and awakening them for Sehri during fasting days.
  • Promote the virtues of congregational prayer, Tahajjud, and fasting.
  • Maintain a record in the office by writing the names of those who perform prayers regularly in congregation or in designated areas, and hold weekly meetings to discuss progress.

KTS Students Council (Shura)

Organizing matters related to students, especially residential issues:

  • Representing students for their matters and staying in touch with the college office to resolve them.
  • Ensuring cleanliness in the college floors, rooms, restrooms, and study areas and resolving related issues by contacting relevant individuals or departments.
  • Enforcing regulations for the use of mess and guest rooms, organizing dining arrangements, and ensuring adherence to health and cleanliness principles.

Book Reading Society

Promoting book reading among students and sharing information on current affairs:

  • Providing guidance on book reading, organizing book reading sessions, and arranging discussions on books and journals.
  • Organizing book exchange among students.
  • Arranging lectures from journalists on exchanging views on current affairs.
  • Encouraging students’ writings, blog submissions, and motivation.
  • Arranging reading sessions during vacations.
  • Organizing a magazine or blog competition once a year.
  • Scheduling a day every week for utilizing the central library.

زبان و بیاں سوسائٹی (Language and Expression Society)

Enhancing students’ language and expression skills:

  • Organizing weekly gatherings and arranging at least one competition every semester.
  • Holding at least 3 guest speaker sessions or workshops every semester on topics like leadership, vision, Islamic banking.
  • Organizing an inter-university and inter-school program annually.
  • Utilizing speeches of renowned speakers/teachers as guidance and managing a media library with their content.
  • Responsible individuals for Urdu, English, and Arabic speeches will ensure the above activities according to their society’s regulations.

Medical Society

Taking care of the sick and making efforts for their treatment:

  • Providing timely medical care, immediate medical assistance, easy treatment for common illnesses, and taking them to the doctor when necessary.

Sports Society

Promoting various sports and healthy activities at the college level:

  • Managing physical sports like football, cricket, swimming, yoga, and organizing tournaments.

Outdoor Society

Organizing recreational and educational trips:

  • Arranging educational trips to other schools, museums, historical sites, and universities.
  • Meetings with various religious, contemporary, and scientific personalities and organizing academic sessions with them.
  • Organizing arrangements for college participation in congregational gatherings and other events.

Digital Library

Promoting access to information from modern sources among students:

  • Using various methods of information filtering on any subject among students.
  • Providing digital libraries (e.g., Gabriel Library) on all computers.
  • Arranging various information sessions related to research.

Media and Marketing

Managing various platforms of the Faculty of Shariah:

  • Handling different platforms of the Faculty of Shariah.
  • Using modern advertisement methods for any program.
  • Providing full media coverage for any program.


Promoting physical fitness among students:

  • Providing awareness of various equipment kept in the gym for students.
  • Providing training facilities to students.