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Program Objectives

Fast Track Aalim-e-Deen Program

This program is tailored for graduates or post-graduates who possess:

  • Proficiency in spoken and written Urdu and English communication.
  • Deep understanding of contemporary culture, societal dynamics and philosophical perspectives on life.
  • Insight into the contemporary challenges, strategies, and adversities faced by Muslims in the world.
  • Capability to confront the challenges of modernism while upholding Islamic principles and values.
Fast Track Aalim-e-Deen Program

Candidates meeting these criteria are welcomed to the Fast Track Aalim-e-Deen Program with the following objectives in mind:

Understanding of Modern Philosophies and Cultures

Aiming to promote Islamic values and awareness across different facets of life and deal with various fallacies of modern philosophy like Liberalism, Feminism and Atheism.

Awareness of Contemporary Challenges

Aiming at realizing the challenges faced by the Muslim Ummah, especially the youth, and empowering them with the ability to counter these challenges effectively.

Practical Training in Quranic and Sunnah Principles

Aiming at practical guidance rooted in the Holy Quran and Sunnah and realizing that the true path is the only path guided by Holy Quran and Sunnah.

Preparation for the Diverse Sectors and Domains

Aiming at merging the contemporary education with Islamic Knowledge to serve effectively in various domains such as economics, health and education.

The program encompasses 3 dimensional aspects of Knowledge, Skill Development and Personality Grooming (تربیۃ)  aimed at development of dependable Aalim-e-Deen (Islamic Scholars). The curriculum primarily comprises of:

  • Recitation (تجوید)
  • Memorizing some selected parts (حفظ)
  • Translation
  • Commentary and its Principles (تفسیر و اصول تفسیر)
Hadith (حدیث)
  • Principles of Hadith (اصول حدیث)
  • Hadith learning from Legendary Books including all Authentic Six (صحاح ستہ)
  • Arabic Grammar including Etymology and Lexicology (صرف و نحو)
  • Arabic Language and Literature
Islamic Jurisprudence (فقہ)
  • Principles of Jurisprudence (اصول فقہ)
  • Fiqh of Worship (فقہ العبادات)
  • Fiqh of Family and Society (فقہ الاسرہ)
  • Fiqh of Trade and Transactions (فقہ المعاملات)
  • Life of Holy Prophet pbuh (سیرۃ النبی صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم)
  • Brief History of Muslims across the ages.
  • Islamic Beliefs (عقیدہ )
  • Comparative Religion
  • Logic and Analytical Reasoning (منطق)
  • Quranic and Political Geography
  • Quran and Science
  • Philosophy and Ilm-ul-Kalam
  • Contemporary Ideologies and Isms

Insha’Allah (God willing), we are committed to nurturing individuals who are not only well-versed in Islamic scholarship but also equipped to serve their communities with wisdom and compassion.