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Sports Facilities

Sports play an important role in Islam as they encourage people to stay physically fit, work together as a team, and learn discipline. The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) himself participated in various sports like horse riding, archery, and swimming, showing us the importance of staying active and healthy. Many Muslim scholars and leaders throughout history also promoted sports as a way to build unity and fairness among people.

In JTR, there are several facilities for sports:

  • Cricket Ground: There’s a big and well-kept area for playing cricket, which is a popular sport in our community.

  • Football Field: There’s a special field just for playing football, where students can have fun and learn to work together as a team.

  • Volleyball Court: For those who enjoy volleyball, there’s a special court where students can play matches and have a good time with friends.

  • Swimming Pool: There’s a modern swimming pool as well where students can improve their swimming skills and learn about water safety.

  • Fully Equipped Gym: There’s a gym with all the equipment needed for different exercises. It’s a great place for students to stay fit and healthy by working out regularly.