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Since its inception in 2003, this program has witnessed the graduation of 18 batches, each equipped with skills and knowledge to excel in various domains of modern life. Graduates of this program have embarked on diverse career paths, contributing meaningfully to society in the following capacities:

Religious Leadership:

Engaging in Imamat and Khitabat (leading prayers and delivering sermons) at mosques and religious gatherings.

Educational Outreach:

Delivering Dars e Quran and Dars e Hadith (lectures on Quranic interpretation and Hadith) within their social circles.
Teaching at Madrasas, Islamic schools, universities, and colleges, imparting knowledge on Arabic grammar, Quranic studies, and Hadith.

Social Welfare and Humanitarian Initiatives:

Establishing organizations such as the Halal Foundation and Maava Homes (orphan rehabilitation centers) to address social welfare needs.
Serving in health and social welfare sectors, advocating for Islamic principles in service delivery.

Media and Communication:

Contributing to constructive media platforms like JTR Media House, promoting Islamic values through various forms of media.

Finance and Commerce:

Working in Islamic banking and finance, integrating Shariah-compliant practices into financial transactions.

Higher Education and Research:

Pursuing higher education such as MS, MPhil, and PhD in Pakistan and abroad, specializing in their professional fields while spreading the message of Quran and Sunnah.

Professional Integration:

Integrating Islamic principles into their respective professional domains, whether in healthcare, education, business, or other fields.

These diverse career trajectories highlight the versatility and impact of the program, empowering graduates to make significant contributions to both their professions and the wider society, while upholding the values of the Quran and Sunnah.

Enrolled Batches since 2003
Enrolled Students since 2003
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