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Kulya-tu-Shariah (کلیة الشریعة), pronounced as Kulliya-tush-Sharia’h and abbreviated as KTS, is an Arabic term literally translated as Faculty of Islamic Jurisprudence. This is the faculty under the prestigious Islamic Institution, Jamia Tur Rasheed (جامعة الرشید), also known as JTR, Karachi.

Jamia Tur Rasheed (JTR) offers traditional Islamic education including Hifz-ul-QuranDars-e-Nizami (Aalim-e-Deen Program) and Takhassus (Specialization) in various disciplines like Hadith, Fatwa and Dawah. JTR aims at imparting quality education that is well-equipped with contemporary needs.

JTR established Kulya-Tush-Shariah (KTS) in 2003 that offers the flagship  Fast Track Aalim-e-Deen (عالم دین) Program especially designed for University Graduates.

What is KTS

Enrolled Batches since 2003
Enrolled Students since 2003
Graduates since 2007

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This Fast Track Aalim-e-Deen Program is designed for University Graduates, who have completed their 16-Year Education in any discipline and they are willing to seek in-depth Islamic Education and become an Aalim-e-Deen.

This is a full-time program based in Karachi, Pakistan. Hostel facilities are available for the students from other locations. The course work comprises 4.5 years followed by a thesis.

The Program degree is equivalent to MA in Islamic Studies by HEC, Pakistan and leading to MS (18-years) in Islamic Studies by Al-Ghazali University

Last date to apply May 7th, 2024.

Prior Islamic education is not a pre-requisite for Fast Track Aalim-e-Deen Program. Graduates with any 16-year degree like BBA, MBA, LLB, BE, MBBS, BDS, CA, BS, MS, MSc, MCom and MA are encouraged to apply.

Director KTS

Mufti Ahmed Afnan

The Fast Track Aalim-e-Deen Program is devised to bridge the gap between Islamic teachings and the contemporary world.

Community Services

KTS has partnered with different Welfare Organizations and students spend some time with these organizations for welfare activities as their field work

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Character Building

Character building according to Islamic values and ethics is given due importance at KTS as we believe Tarbiyah as an integral part of education

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Career Counseling

KTS has a Career Counselling Program for each student to guide them for the opportunities to contribute to society along with their professional career

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KTS offers different scholarships and financial aids to their students so that the students can achieve their goals by minimizing their financial constraints

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“This program is for those enthusiasts who want to make this world a better place to live. Only divine guidance can take this world out of the current chaos as wisdom is astray without it.”

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Although the opportunity to study in KTS programs is limited but the opportunity to get the blessings by contributing to the Islamic learning program is not limited!

Your contributions to education empower individuals and communities, aligning with Islamic teachings to seek goodness for all. Join us in this noble endeavor.