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A Revolutionary Initiative

Jamia's Intellectuals initiated Kulliya-tush-Shariah for talented youths


Introduction of Kulya tush Sharia'h

TTo meet the inevitable needs of Muslim Ummah, the Intellectuals of Jamia have launched a four year course for the highly educated youth.

This is an evolutionary first step, long overdue. Alhamadu Lillah, this historical work has sprung from the lap of Jamia.

Even In this age and time, People exists who are religion lovers who can write, read and converse fluently in English. They are graduates or post-graduates. They are fully conversant with today's so-called"Western nations" and "Modern society" and their thoughts, dispositions and social interaction, their social, Individual, cultural and private conditions. They can perceive modern needs, planning, international changes and conspiracies.

But still they:

  • Can't confront the western Ideological warfare and propaganda campaign against the pure system and Shariah laws of Islam;
  • Can't defend the Muslim Society which is in the trap of pleasant slogans and devious pledges of the west;
  • Can't come up with the correct interpretation and true guidance of the non-Muslims according to their mental level in an age when hundreds of thousands of non-Muslims are inclined towards Islam;
  • Can't help the Muslims, although they know that the west has devilishly attempted to cut off the Muslims from their Ulemas, the inheritors of prophet hood. For this reason, In American and European Universities, through non-Muslim teachers and professors, holding Islamic Studies degrees, they are damaging the Iman and Creed of worldly educated Muslims. Hundreds of Thousands of western Muslims are thirsting for graduates, well-versed in Quran and Hadith, but apparently these graduates seem helpless in defending their Iman;
  • Can't use their specialized knowledge in the service of Islam and Muslims. Through modern techniques and science, they can serve in economics, education, Journalism, and Ideological warfare Islam and Muslims, but they appear helpless.

All this, because they lack:

  1. Familiarity with Quran and Hadith and Islamic Sciences.
  2. Practical training according to Quran and Hadith in a religious atmosphere.
  3. Taking into account the above needs, Jamia's Intellectuals have initiated Kulya-tush-Shariah for talented youths. Herein are taught the following Courses in a 4-years program for producing religious scholars.
  4. Tajweed Quran.
  5. Arabic Grammar (Sarf-wa-Naho).
  6. Arabic Language and Literature.
  7. Jurisprudence.
  8. Principles of Jurisprudence.
  9. Hadith.
  10. Principles of Hadith.
  11. Commentary / Interpretation of Quran.
  12. Principles of Interpretation (Tafseer).
  13. History and secat (biography of prophet Muhammed صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم).
  14. Ideological warfare and introduction of misguided sects.
  15. In the spiritual atmosphere of Jamia-tur-Rasheed and under the guidance of â??Akabreenâ?, these sciences have been formulated. The objective of Jamia is to enable the participants of the course to play a proactive role in International affairs after the completion of the course.

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A view of one of the Kulliya tush Shariah Classrooms.
Beautiful Horticulture
Beautiful Horticulture
A beautiful view of the campus that fascinates students exceedingly.
Kulliya tush Shariah Office
Kulliya tush Shariah Office
The main office of Kulliya tush Shariah in Jamia Tur Rasheed.
Hostel room view for kulliya tush shariah students
A centerly air-conditioned auditorium for speeches, competitions, and lecture.
Swimming Pool
Swimming Pool
Students follow the schedule fo swimming. The swimming pool is equiped with advanced...
The stand by generator for consistent supply of electricity for students.
The fountains installed in the various part of garden enhances the beauty of the...

university Objective of Kulliya tush Shariah is to disseminate the Islamic learning among university graduates and equip them with the needed ability to serve in different domains of life such as education, economics, journalism, media, health etc.