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The curriculum primarily comprises of:


  • Recitation (تجوید)
  • Memorizing some selected parts (حفظ)
  • Translation
  • Commentary and its Principles (تفسیر و اصول تفسیر)


Hadith (حدیث)

  • Principles of Hadith (اصول حدیث)
  • Hadith learning directly from Legendary Books including all Authentic Six (صحاح ستہ)



  • Arabic Grammar including Etymology and Lexicology (سرف و نحو)
  • Arabic Language and Literature


Islamic Jurisprudence (فقہ)

  • Principles of Jurisprudence (اصول فقہ)
  • Fiqh of Worship (فقہ العبادات)
  • Fiqh of Trade and Transactions (فقہ المعاملات)



  • Life of Holy Prophet pbuh (سیرۃ النبی صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم)
  • Brief History of Muslims across the ages.



  • Islamic Beliefs (عقیدہ )
  • Comparative Religion
  • Logic and Analytical Reasoning (منطق)
  • Quranic and Political Geography