Aims and Objectives

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This programme is intended for those graduates or post-graduates who :

- can speak, read and write english effectively,

- have deeper knowledge of the western culture and society, its temperament and philosophical perception of life,

- have insight into the demands of contemporary age, its strategies, the changes and conspiracies being hatched up against the Muslims in the West,

- have the ability to meet the challenges of modernism in the light of Islamic teachings

Such individuals will be admitted to the Kulliya-tush-Shariah (four years postgraduate course) to achieve the following four objectives:

- To provide practical training in the light of the holy Qur’and Sunnah to the present day graduates and postgraduates
- To equip them with the needed ability to serve in different segments of life such as econnomics, health, education etc and dissemenate the Islamic learning amont them
- To acquaint them with the philosophical perception of lide of the western nation, its temperament and culture both collectively and individually and to promote the Islamic values and awareness in different sectors of life.
- To develop understanding of the needs of modern age, its conspiracies against the Islamic World, the ability to counter them in adequate language.
Insha’Allah, we shall endeavour to shape them into a reliable Islamic scholar during the four years of instructions in the following disciplines:

  • Tajweed, 
  • Sarf,
  • Nahav, 
  • Arabic Language and Literature, 
  • Fiqh (Jurisprudence),
  • The Prinsciples of Jurisprudence,
  • Tafseer (commentary),
  • The principles of Tafseer,
  • History and life of Hazrat Muhammad (Sallallaho alaihi wasallam),
  • Hadith, 
  • The priniples of Hadith