Character Building and Civilizing

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Apart form communicating Knowledge, religious institutions lay great emphasis on building character and civilizing students, in fact, education is imparted for the sanctification of Oneâ??s deeds and ethics and for making prophetic knowledge a part of oneâ??s life or else the very purpose of religious knowledge withers away. Irrespective from practical aspect, a knowledge imparting institute can be labeled a research and technical institution, but not a religious institute. Deem is deed although no deed is possible without knowledge thus making knowledge a part of deemed.

Jamia-Tur-Rasheed has an exemplary discipline of reformation and training in which teachers, students and staff spend their days and nights.

  • Arrangement for congregational prayers.
  • Correction of lining (Suf).
  • Arrangement for first lining (Suf) and sunan qabliya wa badeya.
  • Masnoon Qirat (Recitation).
  • Azkaar wa Auraad.
  • Reciation of the Holy Quran.
  • Masnoon Prayers.
  • Congregational Education.
  • Other discourses
  • Guest Ulemasâ?? Discourses.
  • Yum-ul-Nazafah.
  • Apart form the set schedule, Ulemas keep close eye on students and reforms where they feel needed.