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Q : Does this course include only Shariah subjects or are there professional subjects too?

Ans : The Kulya-tush-Shariah, or “Faculty of Shariah,” primarily focuses on Shariah subjects.


Q : Will I be charged for Boarding & Lodging?

Ans : Yes, Accommodation and meals charges are Rs 10,000/- per month, but scholarships are available for students who can’t pay charges.

Q : Is acquiring accommodation in Jamia necessary for me if I live in Karachi?

Ans : No, if anyone is resident of Karachi and he can attend classes without any problem, and manage his studies then acquiring accommodation is not necessary for him.


Q : Is there any tuition fee or charges for studying?

Ans : The tuition fee for a semester is Rs. 50,000/- . However, full and partial scholarships are available for the students on the merit-cum-need basis. 

Q : What pattern will the “Aptitude Test” follow?

Ans : The Aptitude Test will be based on MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions), similar to other universities.

Q : When and where will the Aptitude Test be held?

Ans : The Aptitude Test is expected to be held in early May 2024. The candidates will be informed about the details later via their provided phone number.

Q : What will be the level of the Aptitude Test?

Ans : The test comprises of  English, Mathematics, IQ, General knowledge and critical writing. English and Math will be intermediate level.

Q : How long will I have to stay in Jamia-tur-Rasheed for the Aptitude Test?

Ans : The Aptitude Test, Group Discussions, and Interviews will take approximately three to four days to complete, after which a Final List of Selected Candidates will be issued.

Q : Will all applicants be given a chance to appear in the Aptitude Test?

Ans : No, only Shortlisted Applicants will be given a chance to appear in the Aptitude Test.


Q : Are there any sports facilities available at the campus?

Ans : Yes, there is a large spacious playground, swimming pool and fully equipped gym available at the campus for sports.